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Why Email Marketing is a better channel than any other digital media practices?

Why Email Marketing?.

Email Marketing Tips



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With more than 3 billion active email addresses, it’s no secret that many of us prefer digital communication. Sometimes we check our inboxes on Smartphone or tablet, and other times we use the desktop or laptop.

Whether you are a business owner or a recruiter looking for customer’s attention, if you have the email addresses of your prospects, don’t you think that you can spend on email marketing and increase your revenue.

Target Audience

Having said that, one question pops up in our mind often, Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the only channel which can act as your backbone in the marketing funnel.

Marketing Funnel

No matter which section your customers reside based on the following 5 factors, you can decide why email is the best bet;

Budget – Cost is minimal if compared with most of the available online media marketing channel.

Reach – With effective email marketing formulation, you can reach out to the maximum number of people at minimal cost.

Act – You can use email to provoke users to take action on your landing pages or product pages.

Convert – You can push users towards conversion stage with effective drip email marketing.

Engage – You can always build a long-term relationship with customers via communicating directly to their inbox. This helps you to earn customer advocacy for your brand or product over a period of time.

All of the above pointers are true if you know the art of landing your email into the customer’s inbox.

This brings us to another important question, How to make sure we reach to user’s inbox?

Email Inbox


Before you plan your next Email Campaign, I think it is very critical to ensure the 7 important factors of successful Email deliverability described below;

Email Deliverability

  1. Content Verification (Text)

The body of the email should not have any spam words or spam links to misguide users.

  1. Html Coding

Email template should be designed using plain HTML codes only.

  1. Campaign Platform

No matter what is the size of your database, your email service provider or the platform from where you want to execute the campaign should be a genuine and with a good reputation.

  1. Setting-up campaign platform with the Authentication process

You should have a proper domain and IP reputation setup in place.

  1. Reputation Check

You should have a neat and clean background with no %spam complaints and blacklisting. If you do, fix that before you execute your next email campaign.

  1. Database Hygiene check (Validation)

Gone are the days when users used to stick with one emails of Hotmail or Yahoo, Now since Google offering so many flexibilities with emails, It has become quite challenging to make sure your database is clean with all effective emails.

You need to run a proper validation check on your email database every 90 days from acquisition. If you have any complain of hard bounces or dead emails above 10%, it might affect your campaigns badly.

How to select the best Email Service Provider?

Email Service Providers

There are several email service providers out there who can offer Email Delivery platform, but how do you select them.

I suggest you can segment them based on the style of reports they offer once you finish your Email Campaign.

  1. Descriptive Analytics – There are players like MailChimp, AWeber, Mailerlite, e.t.c who offers you details about open, clicked links, bounced, unsubscribed, reported spam.
  2. Prescriptive Analytics – These are the average intelligent platforms offering Customer Profiling and Grading to tell you about Hot Leads. They are HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, e.t.c.
  3. Super Analytics or Predictive Analytics – They are the super intelligent platforms who can help you segment your customers as per their intent on the web. One of them I can recommend Eloqua.

Based on your company budget or database size you can work with any of them, they can help you to follow the industry best practices of email marketing and improve the ROI.

The above principles can be implemented in your organization marketing department if you have them working already or you can hire a consultant like me to take care of your next email marketing campaigns.

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