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5 secret tips to outperform digital competitors!

Secret Digital Marketing Campaign Tips:


It’s not your fault if your last digital marketing campaign failed to give results. Have you tried all the basic troubleshooting on what went wrong but still got nothing?

Don’t worry, we have all been there.

Everyone says you could have done better and avoided this, although it’s true but not always good to hear.

Yes, successful campaign management is hard, but not impossible.

If you are struggling to figure out how to overcome a failure campaign, here are the 5 secret tips you need to follow…even if your website design is not that great as per your competition, these tactics will work on it.

1. #Be a detective:

Detective keyword research


Face it, Digital marketing is like Churning milk cream into butter every day, minute and second.

Not everyone can do it better until he/she detects the secret behind it. Before you start, it is very critical that you understand the marketing fuzz on hot topics/trends.

To start with, monitor your competitor’s campaign very closely and its engagement rates on respective platforms. The best way to  execute the same by using tools like Ubersuggest, Buzzsumo, Google Keyword Planner e.t.c to find out the fresh cream in the market.

Below is the example of Busszumo, telling you about the topics and its engagement rates on different platforms, you can use any of these topics and create content similarly to get quick engagement and traffic to your website.


Social Media stats


2. #Work like a Journalist:

Journalist reading website traffic

As a marketer, if you understand your website data clearly and be able to take out insights from it, you can leverage it for quicker and better digital marketing campaign success rates.

To do the same, you need to think like a journalist and start questioning your website traffic to gain better insights.

Add your website to Google Search Console and then go to the search analytics inside search traffic, click on CTR, Impression and clicks. You will get the list of pages with these data.

Look for the pages that has CTR less than 5% and its respective titles, you can adjust these titles based on hot topics selected before and submit to Google.

It is same like journalists gathering footprints of crime scene by questioning eye witnesses, sometimes even offering scripts too and preparing a report.


3. #Brainstorm like a saint:

simple web design like monk

A saint is a person with simple living and high thinking lifestyle but still they seem to steal the show with their presence.

Similarly you need to audit your website, specially the landing pages for skyrocket conversion rates. It should be in a few words; brief but comprehensive.

No matter how many landing pages you have created, if it is not serving the customer’s intent without making them think, forget about conversions or leads.

One of the best examples of nicely executed digital marketing campaign which I can think of; would be Zillow;

Just go to their website , closely look for the background image and you will feel the magic of being at home. Also I love their simplicity and way to guide the customers for conversion.


Zillow home page Lead magnet


4. #Act like a Gym trainer:

trainer example for warm up customer journey

What happens when you go to the gym on very first day and meet the gym trainer, what are the things he/she asks you to do.

They ask you to warm up your body with simple workouts which you do at home sometimes and might know already. The real story starts when you complete your first week warming up, the next week onwards they give you tasks which you never thought at first day but you still do it even it those are the hard ones.

Similar like this, if you ask any new customer/visitor to take conversion based action on your website, he/she would move out from your site at that moment.

To handle customer’s journey and set the footprint to warm up for conversion, you need to come with lead magnets thinking the warming up practice of gym.

Offer your customers something valuable for their pain point’s resolutions.

Like for example if I am a graduate, considering digital marketing as my career, what would be an effective lead magnet, let’s check the best example of digital marketing campaign for lead acquisition below;

Digital Vidya:

They have clearly covered all the segments and what we can leverage as benefits by joining them. Very smartly they offer you a brochure to understand about their offerings, interesting right; I would surely fill the data to download the same.


Digital Vidya lead magnet example


5. #Think like a winner:

lead generation Digitallyup


Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

If you closely monitor all the successful people around in business (Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Jeffrey Preston Bezos & many more), they have one thing in common.

They have mentors who were there to support them when they started and still they continue to help even if they are big shots.

If you are a small business or startup, don’t have much to invest, try to learn as much as you can from the free blogs, videos and content. You can check these blogs;



I know building a successful digital marketing campaign is hard now because of the market clutter we face, I have been there where you stuck right now but for some reason you just can’t do magic overnight.

No matter how difficult it sounds, there are no shortcuts around here. Focus on long-term strategies as it will ensure you taste the success which would be remarkable.

And you are struggling start with these 5 tactics mentioned above, these are the must if you want to cut through the clutter.

Tactic 3 looks simple when you read it first but crafting a simple and best web page which converts could be tricky, check out the example, Also check these landing page examples to clear your visual.

Always try A/B testing with different pages to check which serves your purpose, but try one for at least 30 days.

If you are struggling to get traffic, conversion or awareness campaign up to the mark, try out these tactics. They work slowly but you will notice results within 45 days.

Are you facing difficulties in execution of your digital marketing campaigns, try out above 5 tips?


If you are a business who are earning well and can afford an agency or consultant, don’t hesitate to ask for our help.

You can reach out to us at

We will quickly analyze your digital footprint and send you a report with improvement plan.


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