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Hey!, I’m Nripendra Pathak (aka) Neil, Certified Digital Marketing Consultant. About | Nripendra Pathak (aka) Neil

I’m running DigitallyUp, a Mumbai based digital marketing agency. During past 2 years, I have been helping startups, medium size businesses as well as innovative businesses, grow using cutting-edge technology.

I am helping businesses to innovate and build digital marketing footprints as an independent consultant.

How I Got Here

In 2016, I joined Digital Vidhya (Top leader in Digital Marketing Space) to enhance my capabilities towards digital media and marketing. They made me tinkering with SEO, content and Email campaign management for a business.

I acquired couple of skills during this journey.

  • Consulting is about making yourself close to the problem and close to the stakeholders.
  • Learning is an exponential curve in digital space, by the time you grasp something, the entire landscape gets updated. I keep reading and upgrading on my knowledge base.
  • Email marketing is an essential practice a brand should adapt to ACT (Attract, Convert and Transform).
  • Patience is the key, “all it takes in this practice”.

I love traveling, cooking and talking about technology updates. I have helped startups to scale-up their customer outreach through effective email marketing solutions.

I have also worked with companies based in India and US on all phases of Talent Branding and Acquisition ranging from problem definition to implementation.

I am also working as an advisor to Zorba Consulting on applying digital media knowledge to transform web analytics into useful information.

Know more about my corporate journey on LinkedIn here.

You can also download the profile snapshot here. 

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If you’d like to work together and enlighten your digital footprint to the next level, just drop me a line with your website link. I would quickly review your website and send you a report which you can relate to.

I would like to meet interesting people for tea or coffee. Email is here:


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“Life is good when you keep learning new things and not repeating the mistakes again, with Digital Media you are always learning.”